The power of Styr

At Styr, we create clear companies and connected people. Our philosophy and corresponding solutions bring people and organisation together, making it easier to align people and work while also enhancing transparency in connection with remuneration and grading.

Embrace transparency

By embracing the ‘clear company, connected people’ philosophy, you create clarity with regard to expectations, gain a better understanding of how people work together based on their talents and learn how to quickly coordinate people and work when circumstances change. We are eager to tell you more about Styr in various sections of our website. For instance: what you can expect from us with our 4-step plan, and how we help you develop people and organisation while grading and rewarding your people fairly. But here, you can learn more about how we are organised.

Our organisation

Styr was founded in 2013 by experienced consultants in the HR sector, who set up headquarters in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
As an organisation, we at Styr strive to support clients in becoming a clear company with connected people. We do this with passionate Styr consultants, certified partners, the Styr model, the TMA method and smart data-driven tools.

Ensuring quality

We also focus on producing content to promote the development of people and organisations –and reward that development more fairly. Styr Academy has all the training options you need to make the Styr philosophy work within your organisation and turn it into a clear company with connected people. We train HR professionals and managers to successfully deploy the Styr approach within their own organisations. After all: an organisation must be able to independently deploy a new approach and new tools before it can achieve long-term success.

More fairness and clarity are needed here!

Elke, Annemarie and Jan-Kees. The founders of Styr first met in 2013. They soon discovered a common frustration: the vague nature of job grading at the time. Why did it have to be so complicated? After the consultant leaves, nobody understands the system they left behind. And why the old-fashioned approach to rewards? It’s not fair – and what’s more, the systems are rigid and outdated. More fairness and clarity are needed here! And so Styr was born. The name means ‘steer’ in Danish. Because to steer an organisation, you must be clear about expectations and behaviour.

Styr model®

Together, Elke, Annemarie and Jan-Kees developed the innovative Styr model. With this model, an organisation can become a clear company in just a few steps. With its own practical language to clarify functions and roles and to fairly grade and reward them. This creates a culture of connection and engagement in which people enjoy working, both individually and together.

Worldwide clearness

Now, about a decade later, many organisations have become clear companies. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Spain, Greece, the United States, Brazil, China, and the Dutch Antilles.

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Styr continues to fight tirelessly for clarity and engaged employees.

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