Styr Academy embeds the value of your investment

Styr Academy has all the training options you need to make the Styr philosophy work for your organisation and turn it into a clear company with connected people. We train HR professionals and managers to successfully deploy the Styr approach within their own organisations. After all: an organisation must be able to independently deploy a new approach and new tools before it can achieve long-term success.

Blended learning

During energetic training sessions, e-learnings and workshops, we teach participants to speak the Styr language, apply the Styr model and use our smart tooling. You will learn to identify problem solving capabilities at the individual, team and organisational levels. We also teach you how to easily create validated profiles in three steps and what we mean by ‘grading and rewarding added value’.

The Styr Certification stands for quality

We place a high value on the professional, uniform and ethical application of the Styr philosophy within organisations. To ensure this, we make various certification programmes and practical training courses available to our clients. Employees can start the certification process at multiple times during the year. Check the specific training courses for dates.

Styr Dock Practitioner Certification

After attending this training course, you will have knowledge of the Styr model and know how to use the online Styr Dock to conduct hybrid grading in 3 steps, create customised profiles and maintain your organisation's Job matrix / Talent matrix. 

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Validated profiles training course

Through collaboration with the TMA Academy, we ensure that after completing this course, you will not only know how to apply the Styr model, but will also know how the TMA behavioural model works."

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