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This is how Styr handles your data

Privacy Statement

STYR Publisher B.V. (hereafter: STYR) may process personal data of (potential) clients, website visitors and all other people that are interested in STYR and its business-related activities.

This privacy statement informs you how STYR processes your personal data. STYR ensures to comply with the applicable privacy regulations.

Why STYR processes personal data

STYR processes personal data for legitimate business purposes which include:

• New business interview, including:
• Check identity of client;
• Determining purpose of client of assignment;
• Determining relevant knowledge and experience of client;
• Drafting agreement;
• Communication during assignments;
• Follow-up after completion of assignments;
• Informing clients on other business-related activities of STYR;
• Conducting surveys regarding business-related activities of STYR (participation is voluntarily);
• Use of testimonials on website and other marketing-related content of STYR (participation is voluntarily).

What personal data is processed

STYR processes the following personal data of the client:

• Personal data (including but not limited to: name, business e-mail, business phone, job title);
• Company data (including but not limited to: office location, company activities, Chamber of
Commerce registration, organization chart);
• Email conversations.

Storage period

STYR stores your data and e-mails for the time needed to answer your inquiry.

Information sharing

STYR will never sell your personal data to third parties.

In addition, STYR will not share your personal data with third parties, unless this is under your approval.

Right of access, rectification and erasure

Every client has the right to:
• Access their personal data processed by STYR;
• Update and/or add their personal data processed by STYR;
• Remove their personal data processed by STYR.
Requests regarding access, rectification or erasure of personal data processed by STYR could be send to one of our Data Protection Officers below.

Google Analytics

STYR is using Google Analytics to analyze the behavior of their website visitors. This information consists of IP address (anonymized), location, time, duration, device, visited pages, etc. This information is not linked to other personal data.


Data Protection Officer
STYR Publisher B.V. | Elke Schulting

Change privacy statement

STYR reserves the right to change this privacy statement and the most recent version will be published on the website

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