Clear companies, connected people.

Styr stands for clear. We clarify organisations. Clear companies are nice places to work. This is because everyone has a clear understanding of the development opportunities available to them – and the corresponding rewards. That gives peace of mind and fosters engagement among staff. Clear companies are therefore highly sought-after and attractive employers. Because let’s be honest: who doesn't want clarity?

How Styr creates clarity

Clarity on clear organisation design. 

What is the chosen direction, and what challenges does the organisation face? How do you translate that into an effective division of responsibilities and ownership for teams, jobs, roles and people? What kind of talent is needed for this? With a clear organisation design and a shared language from Styr, this quickly becomes clear.


Clear organisation design

Clarity on hybrid grading and rewards

Those who feel valued have more fun at work and perform better. So not only does the organisation gain connected people, it also gets results to feel happy about.

Grading and rewarding added value

Clarity on talent-based organising and working

The talents and competences of your people determine the success of your organisation. What are they and how do you deploy them effectively? We are eager to help you gain clarity on this through our clear approach!

Talent-based organising and working

A clear step-by-step plan for every project

From our years of experience, we have developed a clear step-by-step plan that enables us to bring every project to the desired outcome in 4 clear steps, while ensuring that you remain a clear company.

Get acquainted with the Styr model®

At the heart of our philosophy is the innovative Styr model. It enables you to organise yourself in a talent-oriented and agile manner, and to reward transparently and fairly. We provide you with a practical common language to clarify functions, roles, and team compositions, activate talents, and fairly assess and reward them. The result? A culture of connectivity and collaboration with engaged employees and a pleasant working atmosphere.

From the very beginning, Styr and Van Hessen have been a perfect match. We have been using the Styr model since the start. Our company has now grown to 5000 employees and operates internationally. We will roll out the Styr model across all our divisions."

CHRO Leendert Klink

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Styr continues to fight unrelentingly for clarity and connected employees. 

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