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At Styr, we work with our partners to build clear companies and connected people, driven by the Styr philosophy and the power of collaboration between stakeholders.

Our partners

Styr utilizes business partners in the Netherlands for SME organizations. These Styr-certified implementation partners often possess specific expertise and valuable local networks. Moreover, our partners expand the reach and scale of our services, allowing Styr to maintain focus on medium and large enterprises, content development, and innovation.

Internationally, we collaborate with the business partner Attentia in Belgium and Luxembourg, and with C-Talent for the Dutch Caribbean.

In addition to Styr implementation partners, we closely collaborate with The Rewards Collective for (re)designing secondary and tertiary employment conditions and compensation policies. TMA is our partner for product innovation and serves as an IT carrier in the realm of talent-focused organization and work. Delta-N is our IT partner for the (further) development of STYR Dock.

Below is a selection of partners from our network. Click on the relevant logo to learn more about a specific partner. Some of these organisations also explain why they are so proud to be a Styr partner.

"Styr provides us with an objective tool and clear language for our assignments regarding organisational design, talent management, job evaluation, and compensation. Practical and modern. We have truly embraced Styr and firmly integrated it into our approach."

Negentigtien Wouter Verschuur

"The Styr model offers scale-ups and growth-oriented companies a fantastic framework for growth. Both in terms of organisational structure and transparent appreciation and compensation."

Bunchmark Irene Oerlemans

"With Styr, we can further assist our clients in job evaluation and create insight into their organisational structure. Moreover, Styr offers more than what we are accustomed to in the Belgian market, as we now also consider the role and the person behind it. Unique in Belgium!"

Attentia Anouk van Gils

"Styr provides us with a clear language to implement strategic talent management and to reward in a modern way. The practical and smart tools empower organisations to activate and align the problem-solving abilities and talents of their employees with the organization's strategy."

HDLG Jan-Pieter van Leeuwen

"Organisations choose Reflective & Styr because they want to achieve better business results in a people-focused manner. We call it People Performance. It's no-nonsense, data-driven, and emphasizes enjoyable collaboration."

Reflective Stijn Staz

Interested in becoming a Styr Certified Consultant?

For the Netherlands, we are always looking for (independent) professionals with knowledge and experience in organisational design, job grading & rewards and/or talent management. We would like to invite you to get to know Styr. Sign up via our contact form or call us."


Enquire about becoming a Styr Business Partner

We are looking for Business Partners (companies) outside the Netherlands, Belgium and the Netherlands Antilles that pursue the same primary strategic goals as we do – i.e. transforming organisations into clear companies. If you are interested and would like to know more, please sign up via our contact form or call us. We would be happy to explore potential opportunities for cooperation with you.


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