The Styr model brings people and organisation together

Transparency, agility and stability in organisations ensures greater success and more connected employees. The Styr model makes matching people and work easier while also making rewards and job grading more transparent.


Hybrid job grading model


The Styr model is a hybrid job grading model that is unique in its approach. It focuses not only on the expectations of the organisation (the work you get to do), but also on what people want and can do. The focus here is on the problem-solving capabilities needed and the talents and competences it takes to do the job well.

The Styr model explained

In this three-minute animation, we clearly explain how the model works and how you can deploy it within your organisation. Every month, we offer an introductory session in which we explain how to apply the Styr model. Join our our introductory session

Allocate people and jobs in a hybrid way with just three questions

With the Styr model, you use three questions to determine the problem solving capabilities, talents and competences needed – and thereby allocate a person or job. The clear Styr language helps to explain the differences easily. This prevents a lot of frustration for employees, managers and HR

The Styr model makes organisations clear and decisions easy to explain

The Styr model gives you a different perspective on people, jobs, roles and teams. Using the Styr model, you can visualise the desired and existing problem solving capabilities of your organisation, teams and individual people. This offers you a basis for further designing and developing the organisation in a focused and substantiated way as you move in the direction of the chosen strategy. The Styr language also helps solve day-to-day issues concerning employees, such as drafting a new vacancy, determining an effective team composition, dealing with promotion-related issues and working in a talent-based manner.


Clear company. Connected people.

The Styr philosophy is based on bringing clarity, allocating people and rewarding them fairly for their contribution to the organisation – i.e. for their added value. Together with Styr, you give people clear vistas into their future and well mapped-out paths for personal growth. You’ll have a better view of the talents within your organisation and be able to utilise them to the fullest. This makes for energetic, flexible and successful organisations. All levels of problem solving capabilities are needed for an effective organisation – from bookkeeping to boardroom. 


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