Tell an honest story with regard to grading and rewards

How do you rank and reward people fairly for their added value? You do this by looking at the required problem solving capabilities, talents and competences of jobs, roles and people. And also by offering clear prospects for the future. An honest story about growth opportunities and the corresponding rewards.


The power of Styr hybrid grading and rewards

Styr offers a simple grading model that is unique in its approach. It focuses not only on the expectations of the organisation (the work you get to do), but also on what people want and are capable of. The focus here is on the problem solving capabilities needed and the talents and competences it takes to do the job well. We call this hybrid grading. A proven method, developed by Styr. In other words: ideally suited for today’s organisations. The result: Everyone in your organisation knows where they stand. From buyer to boardroom. And that brings a lot of peace of mind in-house.


What to expect

Based on our expertise and our principles, we have developed a pragmatic and recognisable grading model to easily grade jobs, roles and people. The clear Styr language helps to explain the differences easily. This prevents a lot of frustration for employees, managers and HR. The Styr model is also easy to combine with other, traditional job-grading methods and can be integrated onto one or more job-grading systems (such as CLA systems) as a communication layer. We also work with your organisation to build an appropriate, transparent, fair and easily explainable remuneration policy. Together, we will work to achieve:

  • A pragmatic and modern grading approach so you can easily classify new jobs and roles yourself in order to identify the problem solving capabilities needed.
  • A job or role matrix that fits the context and challenges of the organisation, now and in the future.
  • Validated profiles for creating customised profiles or job families with clear developments paths.
  • Practical tooling that enables you to grade jobs and roles yourself and easily refine and update your job and role matrix and profiles.
  • Providing clear insight into current remuneration using benchmark data.
  • An appropriate, transparent, fair and easily explainable remuneration policy with a clear salary structure.
  • Support with implementation.
  • Conversion with other job-grading methods."

Clear results through modern grading and rewards.

By linking rewards to transparency, you'll achieve better results

1. Up-to-date method

Styr hybrid grading and rewards offers an alternative to expensive and (more importantly) rigid traditional job evaluation methods. Today’s organisations have to be flexible and agile. Styr understands that. What’s more, we put organisations themselves in the driver’s seat. With the Styr model, organisations can easily perform maintenance themselves, supported by the smart online tooling. 

2. Peace of mind in your organisation

Everyone has clarity with regard to expectations, career prospects and rewards. Recognisable and explainable natural ranking gives peace of mind. As well as a fair, predictable and explainable remuneration policy. Everyone knows where they stand. "

3. Clear language

Why is his salary higher than mine? HR staff and managers sometimes struggle to explain the differences in job grades. The clear Styr language helps them do this and eliminates unnecessary frustration.

4. Increased engagement

People who feel valued and are fairly rewarded are happy to go the extra mile and come to work with a smile on their face. The result: Increased productivity and less absenteeism.     "

Our other clear solutions

Clarity on clear organisation design and perspective

What is the chosen direction, and what challenges does the organisation face? How do you translate that into an effective division of responsibilities and ownership for teams, jobs, roles and people? What kind of talent is needed for this? With a clear organisation design and a shared language from Styr, this quickly becomes clear.

Clear organisation design

Clarity with regard to talent-based organising and working

The talents and competences of your people determine the success of your organisation. What are they and how do you deploy them effectively? We are eager to help you gain clarity on this through our clear approach!

Talent-based organising and working

"I chose Styr because with its model, it's the first one for me to easily explain the value of a job. Employees understand this, which gives a sense of fair reward."

CHRO Leendert Klink

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