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The first step towards a clear company

It’s fantastic that you are taking the first step towards a clear company. In other words: an organisation in which it is nice to work. Because everyone – from front desk to boardroom – is clear about what is expected and what their development opportunities and corresponding rewards are. At Styr, we have developed a unique approach to achieving this kind of organisation. We will be happy to tell you more about this in two online introductory sessions. This is completely free and without obligation. Don’t wait: sign up for one of the sessions via the registration form today. See you soon! 

Who is it for?

For the management teams of organisations, HR professionals, corporate recruiters, HR consultants and anyone else curious about a new, clear vision for organisation design, job grading and rewards and a talent-based approach to organising and working.  

Session 1

Hybrid job grading and rewards

After two hours, it will be clear to you what our unique approach entails. The following topics will be addressed in this session: 

  • Hybrid grading and rewarding added value;
  • In 3 steps, generate a validated profile for each job/role;
  • The 9 talent paths, 6 Styr groups and Styr levels;
  • The fast, smart way to create customised profiles (jobs, roles, job families, growth paths);
  • Generating a job matrix and talent matrix;
  • Interfacing with CLA's and traditional remuneration systems;
  • Implementation
  • Make it work!
Session 2

Talent-based organising and working

During this session, you will gain a comprehensive introduction to the new foundation for HR: talent-based organising and working. The following topics will be covered: 

  • Talent-based organising and working with the Styr model and TMA method;
  • Identify the talents and competences the job requires in just four steps;
  • Assigning people to jobs
  • Talent Management System (TMS);
  • Matching employees' talents with the competences needed for the job;
  • Building teams based on talents and competences;
    Talent recognition and talent-oriented management and development;
  • Relationship with other elements of the Styr model;
    Implementation: Make it work!

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