Styr gives your organisation a clear design

As an organisation, you have ambitions. In order to realise them, you need the right people. With the right problem-solving capabilities and ownership. Aligned to the challenges of their individual tasks, as well as those of the organisation. Getting all these aspects in place can be quite a puzzle.

An agile organisation where people feel at home

We start by looking at the design of your organisation. Is it solid enough for the challenges ahead? Are your expectations clear to people? Do we have a good picture of the talent your organisation needs? Is it still a house where today’s employees feel at home? Styr gives your organisation a clear design. We make it a clear company. We outline clear vistas into the future, help create a design and set paths for organisational development and personal growth. The result: An agile environment where everyone knows where they stand. In which managers recognise talent and provide direction. In which people understand how they can continue to grow, and are therefore more engaged and more productive. In other words: both individual and organisation have a clear vision of tomorrow. 

What to expect


Every organisation has its own specific goals and principles. This means that context exerts a major influence on the design of an organisational structure. We therefore always take it as a starting point for a clear design.

  • Strategic review of organisation, design of jobs and roles, aligned with both the current and future needs and the desired and available talents.
  • Validated profiles to create customised job families and/or development paths.
  • Clear expectations for senior management (current roles vs future roles).
  • Approach to talent-based organising and working, where each individual is deployed based on their unique talents.
  • Ensure that the new organisation design is sustainable, aligned with long-term ambitions and sufficiently agile.
  • Becoming a clear company through clear expectation management and quick connections, deploying people based on their problem solving capabilities and talents.

Clear results through clear organisation design

Styr's organisation design is substantially different from other consultancies. That difference is reflected in our results.

1. Future-oriented and agile organisation design

What problem solving capabilities, talents and competences do your people need in order to fulfil the organisation's ambitions? What implications does this have for jobs, roles and the structure of your organisation? Styr clarifies this for you, helping you understand the gap between what is and what should be, and provides long-term assurance. Styr offers a shared language that enables you to organise yourself in permanently agile fashion. "

2. Clear jobs and roles, better performance

In a clear company, expectations are clear: what are you allowed to, what do you want, what are your capabilities? Clarity about jobs and roles yields not only better-performing employees and a better-performing organisation, but faster and more effective decisions as well. 

3. Clear understanding of senior management roles

Clear expectations for senior management to ensure the required added value is delivered now and in the future.

4. Connected people

Every person has a unique added value. As an individual or as a member of a team. A clear organisation design ensures clear expectations and people who are deployed based on their problem solving capabilities and talents. With clear views on how they can grow further and thus become even more valuable. This produces connected employees. 

Our other clear solutions

Clear about hybrid grading and rewarding.

When someone feels valued, they enjoy their work more and perform better. And the organisation benefits greatly from engaged individuals as well! 

Grading and rewarding added value

Clear about Talent-based organising and working

The talents and competencies of your people determine the success of your organisation. What are they, and how do you leverage them? We are happy to clarify this for you with our clear approach!

Talent-based organising and working

"Styr brings clarity to what we may, want, and can do at INNAX, enabling us as a team to perform better and do exactly the right thing."

CEO Jörgen Waagenaar

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Styr continues to fight unrelentingly for clarity and connected employees. 

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